Route A A Walk around A Boutureira

6.2 Km
1h. 40'
Route A
Cruceiro da Boutureira
Maximum altitude:
379 metres
Minimum altitude:
215 metres
  • It can be done with children.
  • At any time of the year.


A Boutureira is a natural space of 184 hectares that has been declared of local interest. The river Barbadás provides moisture, freshness and, at the same time, sets the mills into motion. This, along with varied groves of trees, shapes the typical landscape of the area.

The route starts in the eastern part of the river —next to the mill— by walking to the right in an anticlockwise direction.

We would highly recommend you prepare the route with the information provided on this website. If you are already here, click the button “Follow the route on your phone” to get the info step by step.


Points of interest

1. Start: A Boutureira's Watermill

This mill —squared shape and masonry walls— was constructed in 1889 and restored in 2006 by the municipality of San Cibrao.

In the lower area, inside the arch, is located the inferno, which contains the wheels. They transmit the force of the water towards the top of the mill, where the millstone is.

Mills were essential in rural society because they witnessed different social relations, which ended up turning into numerous cultural events. For instance, the muiñada —a celebration to meet with neighbours and have fun— and the muiñeira, which is the traditional dance and musical genre of this region (Galicia).

0 Km

2. Outeiro Calvo

Outeiro Calvo is a precious traditional village which is well worth visiting, although we would have to deviate a bit from the route.

1.92 Km

3. San Roque's Chapel

It is a small chapel of neoclassical style from the mid-12th century. It only has one nave with a gabled roof, and it stands out for its bell gable and its pinnacles, probably inspired by the Galician rural baroque.

It is dedicated to one of the most popular and loved saints of the country. The neighbours always wanted to improve it; in fact, they chipped the cement walls. That way, they discovered the stone that recoats it nowadays. In 1997, they raised money to repair the roof, remove the dampness, and restore the altar and the sculpture of the saint.


4.56 Km
1h. 14'

4. Finish: A Boutureira

The route finishes just where it starts. We hope you enjoy the hike.

We remind you that it is your responsibility to respect the environment and the living beings. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.


6.2 Km
1h. 40'